Cultivate your creativity and spirituality through a variety of prayerful, creative and contemplative practices including SoulCollage®. DSC_0730SoulCollage® is an intuitive process using images to create personal cards. SoulCollage® helps name the parts of ourselves that we value and also want to work on as well as naming the parts of the Divine that we often overlook. A visual journal to discover your inner voice, this process can be a spiritual practice of tending soul while expressing self. People are amazed at the beauty of their cards and their ability to access their inner wisdom using images. image-assetsoul collage

A safe, sacred space for your own creative process to emerge, in your own way, in your own time, to become SoulFully You. Attend a scheduled retreat or invite me to plan a special program or retreat (many themes below) for your organization or group. Half-Day, Full Day or Overnight Retreats available. Blog posts about SoulCollage® HERE.

Future SoulFully You Retreats

December 3-5, 2021, Advent Retreat
By arrangement, many themes available.

SoulFully You Retreat Themes

Self and Spirit—honoring different parts of our self and qualities of the Divine

Discover Your Inner Monk—desire for silence, solitude and seeking God

Discover Your Inner Artist—cultivating intuition and creativity

Calm Your Inner Critic: Perfectionism, Expectations and Judgment

The Joy of Creativity—cultivating gratitude and joy through creativity

Personality and Prayer—a variety of prayer practices including music, creativity, words, movement and more.

Creativity as Prayer—a variety of creative prayer practices including SoulCollage®, creating mandalas and more.

Seasons of Your Life—Learning from the seasons of birthing, dying, transforming, solitude.

Journey to Wisdom—what is wisdom, seeking God, using your SoulCollage® cards to access inner wisdom

Awaken Your Creativity— You are Created in God’s Image, using creativity to grow spiritually

Circle of Stones—Explore the power of spiritual friendships and contemplative practices to ground you in the present moment; powerful retreat for a circle of friends.

Full Moon: Living in the Fullness of God

SoulFully You: A Journey—labyrinths, sacred walking, movement prayer and other contemplative practices

Lent and Advent Retreats

Benedictine Spirituality–prayer and work; obedience, stability and conversion of life.


Reflections on SoulFully You Retreats

Contact me if interested in planning or attending a retreat.