Seeing the beauty of nature is the first step to taking action to protect it. Unless we can appreciate the oneness we have with creation, we will do very little to protect it.

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“Let us be protectors of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment.” –Pope Francis

A few years ago, I challenged readers to share their love of nature using images and creativity for a project that my daughter and I collaborated on titled,  “Soul Collage® and the Environment”. Inspired by the Pulitzer Prize-wining novel,  The Overstory, I am resurrecting the challenge.

Our planet needs all of the love, prayer, and protection it can get. Consider sending positive energy and intention into the universe through the creative and prayerful practice of Visio Divina or Soul Collage®. Create a card that represents the environment and/or how you feel about how humans interact with the environment. You may take the prompt in whatever direction you choose.

After you create a card, share a post in the comments section or email a photo to with a few sentences that explain what your card means to you. With your permission, I will share reflections from submissions through Earth Day April 22, 2020.


Consider also sharing your reaction to the SoulCollage® cards posted below by responding to any or all of the writing prompts.

  1. What is the effect of one (or more) cards on you?
  2. What does it say to you about God’s creation?
  3. Consider writing an “I am one who” statement or using a card to pray with or meditate on during this week. Does the meaning of the card change or deepen as you “read” it differently?
  4. How does this blog and/or the images inspire you to action?  Consider how you might conserve and save earth’s resources.
  5. What inner shifts or feelings arise when you contemplate your responses?
  6. Be creative.  Give yourself time to savor the images. Watch and listen for what bubbles up within.

Feel free to share this post FAR and WIDE! This planet needs ALL of us. 


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