Being Benedictine by Jodi Blazek Gehr

Compulsive curator of images, information, and inspiration, high school Business teacher, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Benedictine Oblate of Christ the King Priory, Retreat leader at St. Benedict Center, lover of learning, reading, writing, spirituality, and creativity. Half-Day, Full Day or Overnight SoulFully You Retreats are available for your church, organization or group.  To request information about hosting your own special program or retreat see a list of themes HERE. If you have questions or comments about Benedictine spirituality, becoming an Oblate, jodi-picwriting a guest blog image-assetsoul collagepost or planning a retreat, just drop me a note.

Upcoming Retreats

December 3-5, 2021, Advent Retreat

Now I Become Myself is a back-to-basics SoulCollage® retreat opportunity to “stand still, to be here (May Sarton),” to become a compassionate explorer of our soul. We become visual storytellers as we discover what is conscious, less conscious, lovable, and irritating, beautiful, and shadowy in ourselves, our community, and our world. We will learn about the transpersonal cards—Source, SoulEssence and Witness cards—as well as the Committee, Community, Council, and Companion suits.  If you have a collection of cards organized by suits and/or have created any of the transpersonal cards, we will have an opportunity for show-and-tell. For those who have created cards but have not considered creating a deck according to the SoulCollage® suits, this retreat will give ideas. Compassion will be the lens through which we create and share during this first weekend of Advent. (Full disclosure: I do not have my cards organized in suits. I am becoming, a work in progress, and so is my SoulCollage® deck.)
Blessings, Jodi