Future Retreats

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July 26-28, 2023, The Grandeur of God: Living Life with Wonder and Awe, St. Benedict Center  JUST ADDED MORE SPOTS! 



December 1-3, 2023, Advent, St. Benedict Center

May 28-30, 2024, St. Benedict Center

December 13-15, 2024, Advent: Full Cold Moon, St. Benedict Center

June 10-12, 2025, Full Moon, St. Benedict Center

December 4-7, 2025 Advent, St. Benedict Center

May 28-30, 2026, St. Benedict Center

December 4-6, 2026, St. Benedict Center

May 20-22, 2027, Full Moon, St. Benedict Center

December 3-5, 2027, St. Benedict Center

Retreat Testimonials

“My takeaway from this retreat: I never thought about using my artistic talent to express and discover what it brings out spiritually. And I certainly didn’t think about it as a way to deepen my relationship with God. It was the perfect experience for me to have and I will definitely continue with Soul Collage.”-Sandra Renner

“Loved this weekend. It was everything I hoped it would be when I signed up for it. Beautiful facility (St. Benedict Center), warm, peaceful, soulful.”

“I feel that it’s really inspired me to create again. I’m so afraid of making a mistake and I realized you just have to do it because you never know where your creation will go–it takes a life of its own anyway.”

This retreat exceeded my expectations. I loved the creative aspects.”

“(Jodi has) a gift for presenting and sharing and also a gift for bringing spiritual things to people in a very practical way. I have been working on some collages myself and enjoying it immensely! It seems to be a good way for me to express myself and enter into a prayerful mode. It is relaxing and freeing. I am usually a perfectionist when it comes to art and creativity, but I seem to be able to “let go” with this form of expression, and that is a really good thing for me.”-Denise Lopez

“As a first retreat, this was an exceptional experience. Affirmative of different ways to pray, to connection, to finding ways to gratitude, to visual express of contemplation.”

“Profound perspectives to consider and try. Loved the retreat—Brava!”

“Jodi did an awesome job! She introduced and let us practice a variety of different ways to pray. She helped me to see that some things I do are actually a form of prayer. My awareness of what prayer can be has been expanded.”

“This was a truly excellent workshop. I feel blessed to have found the SBC. I loved the discussion and especially the hands-on activities facilitated by our presenter.”

“I made my own card since I’ve been home with my own materials to capture a moment I didn’t want to forget. It is so healing!! On the back, I wrote/pasted parts of the reflection and devotional that fit what I was processing. It is powerful to see how God uses EVERYTHING to teach me.” -Sara Anderson

“For years Jodi has encouraged me to attend a SoulCollage retreat.  I resisted, saying that I’m not creative and certainly not a “crafter”.  Much to my surprise, it was a wonderful experience!  I remained open to messages the images were sending me, captured those that spoke to me, and allowed the process to guide the creation of cards.  I found this to be a profound, inspiring practice.” -Jennifer Vinton

After The Fullness of Joy retreat, I had a joy that I hadn’t had before…wonderful!  I have told myself since then joy is not fleeting even when it isn’t as strong.  Loved it! -Betty Hofman

“I was afraid it might feel like a craft-fest, but it wasn’t anything like that at all. I learned so much about how images affect me, how they move me and how they can be a form of prayer. It was inspiring!” -Kelly Winnik

“SUCH a GREAT workshop, got SO MUCH out of it. #whyrunwithscissorswhenyoucanpraywiththem.” -Brandee Shafer

“There were a couple of surprises/epiphanies for me during the retreat.  I learned how easy it is to let a picture speak to you….It was helpful to me to see all of the magazine pictures that you have.  I am going to get a box and start collecting…I wish it had lasted until 3pm instead of noon!’ -Mary Heavican

“I thoroughly appreciated it and enjoyed it.  Initially, I dreaded it. It was truly blessed. Your presentations were so mingled with the Spiritual and the ‘ Today’  It was not all psychology nor about my “self”. I truly love and use my (cards). Prayers,  Gratitude,  Keep spreading the Faith” -Sr. Angeline Hakel  osm

“I feel that it’s really inspired me to create again. I’m so afraid of making a mistake and I realized you just have to do it because you never know where your creation will go–it takes a life of its own anyway.”-Frances Pokorny

“Jodi was wonderful. She certainly is an excellent director. Keep her coming back for more retreats.” -Bro. Andrew Fuller

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